The Current Geriatric Research Projects of Polisher Research Institute

As a nationally recognized geriatric research organization, the projects of the Polisher Research Institute are intended to provide insight and advancements into senior care and the aging process.Research - Feature

If you would like to view any of our published works, visit the Publications page.  Additionally, our featured Polisher Research Institute aging projects are as follows:

Advancing Excellence: Person Centered Care Goal

For the first time since 1995, the Culture Change Movement now has the tools to measure and improve person-centered care progress in the long-term care setting!

Depression Prevention and Management Program

Depression in the elderly is both treatable and preventable in the long-term care setting using the tools of a new quality improvement program. 

Preference Congruence Objective Indicator

A promising new objective quality indicator that can enhance your quality improvement initiatives to demonstrate that your SNF recreational care program is in alignment with your resident preferences and choices for leisure pursuits.

We hope that these featured Polisher Research Institute projects and our other geriatric research disseminate information and ideas that lead to advancements in the senior care industry.