Geriatric Research Thought-Leadership

For over half a century, the Polisher Research Institute of the Abramson Center for Jewish Life has earned a reputation for innovation and excellence in geriatric studies. The Institute provides national leadership in improving the quality of life of older persons through researching and studying social and behavioral aspects of aging.

shutterstock_97931741PRIOurResearch.jpgThrough its ties to the Abramson Center, the Institute’s geriatric findings and research articles provide unique clinical and research opportunities in a range of long-term care settings.

Today, the group of geriatric researchers at the Polisher Research Institute help improve the quality of life of seniors by testing groundbreaking concepts in the care of older people, particularly those living with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The Institute's faculty members publish widely and participate in seminars, conferences, advisory councils, and gerontological studies throughout the world. Through their work, they also seek to understand the broader implications of the changing healthcare needs of America's aging population.

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