Basketball Legend Sonny Hill Speaks at Abramson Center Sports Group

Abramson Center Sports Group_1.jpg

“Mr. Basketball” Sonny Hill was guest speaker at the December 6th meeting of the Abramson Center’s Resident Sports Club, held weekly and moderated by volunteers Alan Forman and Art Cohn.

Mr. Hill, who is known for his many contributions to basketball, spoke to the group about his experiences playing the game in the Eastern Basketball League. His talk included the challenges and achievements of black players and how Jewish people played a major role in the sport. He also spoke about the influence of his grandmother in his life who reinforced the importance of education and always following through on your commitments. Mr. Hill hosts a weekly radio show on Philadelphia’s WIP, is a member of the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame, is founder of the Sonny Hill Community Involvement League, and is a role model and friend to many successful players in the NBA.