Food: Blessing or Curse?

Food is an integral part of life - to providing us with nutrients to being an important component of holiday celebrations - but many seniors face food restrictions. This blog explores how those restrictions impact seniors' lives and offers solutions to make eating fun again.

How Caregivers Can Help Ease Elderly Loneliness

Lonely seniors can experience a decline in health more quickly than those with strong social connections. Find out how, as a caregiver, you can ensure your older loved one maintains relationships with friends, family and other social groups.

Rehab is an Ongoing Process

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Many patients complete rehab with the expectation that their recovery is over. It is helpful for patients to consider the preocess of rehab as an ongoing process and set both short and long term goals as part of their recovery process.

Do We All Need to Fall Down?

This blog discusses the occurrence of falls in seniors and suggests ways to avoid and reduce falls.

Silent Heroes

The blog, "Silent Heroes", discusses the complex role of the caregiver and gives suggestions to help reduce the stress and demands.

Summer Safety for Seniors

Keep your senior loved one happy and healthy this summer with some tips on how to beat the heat.

When to Call for Hospice Services

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Choosing to hire a hospice provider can bring great comfort and relief to both the patient and their family members. Find out when is the right time to call.

Caregiver Stress Relief

The blog discusses the stress and responsibility of being a caregiver. A number of suggestions for caregivers are discussed and the need for caregiver's to take personal time in order to achieve stress reduction is reinforced.

How Adult Medical Adult Daycare Changed My Life

Senior Day Care Beading Activites
A blog that discusses the importance and benefits of medical adult day care including medication management, socialization, cognitive challenges and personalized activities

The New Normal

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Perceptions of seniors are slowly changing. Find out how seniors are living active healthy lifestyles and what that means for society overall.