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Welcome to the blog for the Abramson Center. Here is where we publish tips and advice on important topics such as caring for your elderly loved one, as well as so much more. We hope you enjoy!

What Does a Senior Care Advisor Do?

Trying to find the right care for your senior loved one can be overwhelming. Find out what a senior care advisor does and how they can help you.

Spotlight Health-Related Issues this Summer

A number of health issues are acknowledged during the months of May and June. Learn about mental health issues especially prevention of suicide, Alzheimer's disease and chronic migraines in Dr. Marcy Shoemaker's latest "Jewish Exponent" article.

What Services Does Hospice Provide?

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Hospice provides many services for patients and families beyond medical care. Read to find out how hospice can benefit you and your loved ones.

Why Do We Celebrate and Is It Helpful?

Read Staff Psychologist Marcy Shoemaker's latest column for the Jewish Exponent about why celebrations are an important part of society.

Continuing Education for Seniors

The blog discusses the importance of engaging in education during your senior years. A number of ways to get involved in continuing education is discussed along with the many benefits