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Newly Renovated Birnhak Transitional Care - Lankenau Medical Center

Abramson Senior Care's Birnhak Transitional Care at Lankenau Medical Center brings our short-term rehabilitation expertise to patients on the Main Line.

Beginning in spring 2018, we will be undergoing a two-year renovation process to upgrade and modernize the Center. When construction is finished, the Center will have 35 beds on two floors and offer the best in patient care and comfort. For more information on our short-term rehabilitation services, please call Abramson Care Advisors at 215-371-3400 or click here.

Here's a preview of what the space will look like once renovations are complete! 

05. Reception.jpg



06. Patient room.jpg

Patient room


07. Rehab gym.jpg

Rehabilitation gym


01. Dining.jpg

Dining room


03. 4th floor Lounge.jpg

Lounge - fourth floor 


04. 4th floor private Lounge A.jpg

Private lounge - fourth floor 


02. 5th floor Lounge.JPG

Lounge - fifth floor