Person-Centered Geriatric Care in the Philadelphia Area

The Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life is a nonsectarian provider of geriatric care services located in North Wales, PA. We specialize in the full spectrum of senior medical care within our 72-acre campus and throughout the greater Philadelphia community.

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Person-centered Care for More than 145 Years

Since 1866, families have entrusted us with the important responsibility of making their loved ones happier and healthier. A person-centered approach to geriatric care ensures that each of our dedicated employees provides warm, loving, medically-advanced, expertly-administered treatment and attention. Every resident of our independent living community, patient in hospice care, and client receiving at-home health care services benefit from a health plan personalized to their specific needs and preferences.

Research-driven Innovation for Better Senior Care... in Philadelphia and Beyond

We believe so strongly in improving the quality of life of seniors that we operate our own dedicated research institute for research and innovation in senior care practices. Located near Philadelphia, but nationally recognized, this institute develops new methodologies, processes and technologies to provide better care to those in need.

Our patients mean the world to the people in their lives, and we take that responsibility seriously. Thank you for entrusting your loved ones' care to the Abramson Center for Jewish Life in Southeastern PA.