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Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life: Caring For Generations

1425 Horsham Road
North Wales, PA 19454-1320

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Convey your heartfelt sentiments to loved ones and friends through our beautiful Tribute Cards. All cards are suitable for “in honor” or “in memory” of donations.

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Our Tribute Card series includes:

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
($100 - $249)
Vibrant images from the Book of Exodus and the Ten Commandments are depicted in stained glass. "Honor thy father and thy mother," the Fifth Commandment, is a guiding principle in our mission to care for the aged. This impressive card, framed by an elegant gold border, is perfect for celebrating special birthdays, 50th wedding anniversaries or other milestones. Images created by Mordechai Rosenstein.
Generation to Generation
($50 - $99)
The theme of L'Dor V'Dor – From Generation to Generation – is presented through the ancient art of Hebrew calligraphy. An elegant silver border completes the design. A wonderful choice for celebrating bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, and other special achievements. Images created by Mordechai Rosenstein.
Ethics of the Fathers
($25 - $49)
By randomly issuing one of the three cards in our Ethics of the Fathers series, we ensure that recipients receive a variety in this most requested category. Each card imparts the wisdom of our Jewish sages. Perfect for births, birthdays, anniversaries, speedy recovery, best wishes for new home, in memory, or for yahrzeit. Images created by Mordechai Rosenstein.
($18 - $24)
Chai, the Hebrew word for "life," is beautifully drawn in Hebrew calligraphy. Suitable for all occasions to honor or memorialize a special person. Images created by Mordechai Rosenstein.
Twelve Tribes
($10 - $17)
The Twelve Tribes of Israel are depicted in this reproduction of an original hooked rug created more than 30 years ago by our residents, Auxiliary members, and staff. Our 4-pack comes with coordinating envelopes. The inside of the cards have lines to guide you as you insert your own personal message.

Bookplate: Seven Species of the Holy Land
This beautiful depiction of the seven biblical fruits and grains of the Holy Land is captured in our bookplate design. Each bookplate, inscribed with the recipient's and donor's names, is placed in one of the books in our Resident Library. Images created by Susan Leviton.
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Abramson Center for Jewish Life
1425 Horsham Road · North Wales, PA 19454-1320

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