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Anne R. Bower, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist

e-mail: ABower@abramsoncenter.org

telephone: 215-371-1356
fax: 215-371-3015

Anne Bower

      Anne R. Bower, Ph.D. is a socio-linguist, whose research focuses on cultural aspects of aging in the modern American context with special attention to the end-of-life experience. Since joining Polisher Research Institute in 1991, she has served as ethnographer and principal investigator on a number of federally funded projects, including studies of widowhood, bereavement, the use of hospice and palliative care services, and death in the nursing home context. She has published in peer-reviewed journals on these topics. Dr. Bower explores elders' end-of-life experience through their spoken discourse, combining technical linguistic description with theory and method from cultural anthropology and gerontology. She is currently writing a book about nursing home residents' talk about dying and death. With 30 years of ethnographic field work experience in health care institutions and urban settings, Dr. Bower has a strong commitment to qualitative research. She has a special interest in research design for "difficult to-research" topics. She has taught in academic settings and, prior to joining the Polisher Research Institute, worked as a market consultant, focusing on a range of health care related issues. Her curriculum vitae is available here.